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Driveway wise enables you to make informed decisions to select the right driveway surfacing product for your home. Whether you are considering block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, resin, gravel or tarmacadam – we’re here to help you!

Most driveway companies work hard to ensure driveway installations are done properly….but some don’t.

Unfortunately, the Driveway industry has been over run with unscrupulous sales people looking to make a ‘quick quid’. They’ve usually been trained by the big ‘home improvement’ sales companies and use poorly qualified and inexperienced installers. They’re out there to take your money and leave you high and dry.

At the other end of the spectrum there has been a rapid growth in ‘trade checking’ types of services on the internet. Many of these simply take a fee from companies and leave biased reviews.

They DO NOT guarantee the quality or experience of companies they receive fees from. So do they really have your best interests in mind?

Why is Driveway wise different?

If you are looking for accurate information on driveway products and installation or just trying to get a good idea of what will be the most suitable paving surface for you – we’re here to help. We don’t fill our site with jargon or smooth sales pitches – but we do help you see through that jargon and those sales pitches.

Driveway wise can help you find what driveway surfacing product best suits your home and answer the questions you may have. So, no question is too silly – just ask us!

We have a buyers guide that may prove invaluable in helping you make the right decision.

The Driveway wise buyers guide explains:

  • Why you should get some technical knowledge before you even talk to a driveway company
  • Why you should oversee any sub base preparation (and what to look out for)
  • What to expect during the installation process
  • Want to know more? Get it here
  • Common short cuts used by installers
  • How to spot a dodgy installer
  • How to check the credibility of a driveway company
  • Insights into pressure selling tactics of driveway sales people
  • What to know more? Get it here
  • The environmental shocker that may affect your choice
  • Future tax implications for sustainable drainage

We do not represent any driveway product manufacturers or driveway installation companies. That is what makes us so good! And means you can trust us!

Browse around this site and subscribe to our blog and you will quickly see we present all angles – good and bad – to ensure you get the driveway you deserve.

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